Repeat Prescriptions


We provide repeat prescriptions for a limited number of stable ongoing conditions according to our practice policy; however, you will need to have an appointment for your prescription if:
  • You are currently taking three or more medications
  • Your medication type or dose was changed at your last appointment
  • You have been into hospital since your last prescription
  • You have been under the care of a specialist who has changed your medication since your last review
  • You were not seen for your last prescription
  • You were scheduled to have a review for your next prescription during the consultation with the Doctor
  • You are on an antidepressant or similar.
  • You are requesting a medication which is classed as a controlled drug (for example, Ritalin) 
  • We have not previously prescribed the medication you are requesting 
  • Note: we do not provide repeat prescriptions for antibiotics.

Please email the nurse to to arrange a repeat prescription. Please anticipate 48hrs for your scripts to be available. An additional fee will apply for more urgent processing of scripts.
Please provide details of  the name of the medications you are wanting, if there has been any changes to the dosing, and which pharmacy you would like the script to be sent to.

**To ensure safe prescribing we are unable to provide phone or email scripts for some medications. 

Adults + Children over 14 years of age:
Standard Scripts Collected  / Faxed / Electronic     $20
Controlled drug scripts collected                             $20 
Controlled drug scripts posted                                 $22 
Note - an additional fee of $10 will apply for urgent prescriptions

Children under 14 years of age: 
Standard Scripts Collected / Faxed / Electronic     FREE
Controlled drug scripts collected                             FREE 
Controlled drug scripts posted                                 $10