Standard consultation fees apply for all face-to-face, telephone and video consultations (15 minutes)


Enrolled Patients (non-CSC holders)

Children under 14 years             FREE
Children 14 - 17 years                  $56
Adults 18 - 24 years                     $63
Adults 25 - 64 years                    $67
Adults 65 years & over                 $63


Enrolled Community Services Card Holders

Children under 14 years             FREE 
Children 14 - 17 years                 $13 
Adults 18 years & over                $19.50


New Patients Enrolling 

First appointment                        $96

This is a one off fee payable after your first appointment when you choose to enrol with us. This fee is incurred because we allow longer for your first appointment to gain insight into your personal and family medical history and to do a baseline medical assessment, and also to cover the administrative costs of transferring you into our practice. If you book a new patient appointment and you are unable to attend, please inform our reception with at least two hours notice. Cancellations with less than two hours notice may incur a $50 fee. 


Non-Enrolled / Casual Patients

If eligible for NZ healthcare funding: 
Children under 6 years                $60 
Children 6 - 17 years                   $80 
Adults 18 years & over                 $96 (non-CSC), $80 (CSC holder)

If not eligible for NZ healthcare funding: 
All ages                                        $96

Eligibility for NZ healthcare funding can be reviewed through the Ministry of Health website, found here


ACC (non-CSC holders)

Children under 14 years             FREE
Children 14-17 years                   $50 
Adult 18 years & over                  $55 


ACC Community Services Card Holders

Children under 14 years             FREE
Children 14-17 years                   $16
Adults 18 years & over                $26 


Maternity Appointments 

Pregnancy consultations are free during the first trimester (up until 12 weeks + 6 days). Non pregnancy consultations incur a normal fee. 



Please review our repeat prescribing policy under the Prescription tab prior to requesting a prescription. To ensure safe prescribing we are unable to provide phone or email scripts for some medications. 

Adults + Children over 14 years of age:
Scripts Collected  / Electronic                    $23
Note - an additional fee of $10 will apply for urgent prescriptions

Children under 14 years of age: 
Standard Scripts Collected / Electronic     FREE

Nurse Appointments 

Appointments with nurse vary from $15 - 30 depending on the length of consultation. Additional fees for materials will apply. 

Simple Dressings                          $15 
Suture removal + dressing           $20 
Advanced dressing                       $15 upwards 

Cervical screening undertaken by the Nurse
Routine appointment                  $30
Eligible patients                          Free

Other Services

BP check (5 mins with nurse)      $5 
Injections (B12, Depo)                  $22
Immunotherapy with obs              $40
Liquid nitrogen                              $20 - 30 
Flu vaccination - subsidised        FREE                      
Flu vaccination - unsubisided     
     - Standard                                $35 
     - FluadQuad / FluCelVax         $45 
ECG                                                $50 
House calls, standard fee plus     $75
Iron infusion (if subsidised)          $185
Aclasta infusion                             $185 
IUCD insertion                               $225
Jadelle insertion                            $185
Jadelle removal                             $200
Jadelle insertion + removal          $285 
Minor surgery                                Variable 


Additional fees may apply for materials or consumables used during standard consultations 

Paperwork (such as forms, certificates and referrals) completed outside of a normal consultation may incur an additional fee. This fee will vary depending on the complexity and time taken for completion.

Non attendance for a booked appointment, where this occurs repeatedly or when less than two hours notice is given, may incur a $25 fee 


Payment Options

We ask for payment at the time of your consultation. Payment is accepted via cashEFTPOS, and credit card (including PayWave). Internet banking is also available (ASB 12-3048-0523138-00) - please make sure you include your name in the reference section so we can reconcile this payment to your account. We also have Southern Cross Easyclaim which allows us to directly bill Southern Cross for services. This means Members will not need to pay our clinic, and therefore will not submit an invoice to obtain a refund from Southern Cross. An additional overdue account fee (typically $10-20) will apply for accounts which remain outstanding for several months.